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With our extra-tasty seasoning blends, anyone can be a chef. Seeking some culinary inspiration? Add to your recipe repertoire with savory, plant-based dishes — crafted exclusively for you by an award-winning chef.

  • Bacon’ish

    Full-bodied, with a dry and characteristic, smoky taste. Use it…

     5,00 25,00
  • Blue Chee’ish

    Strong, full-bodied taste of vegan Blue Cheese’ish works perfectly in…

     5,00 25,00
  • Chee’ish

    Elegant taste of cheese and your obvious plant-based alternative to…

     5,00 25,00
  • Truffle’ish

    Truffle’ish serves as a substitute or supplement to truffle. It…

     5,00 25,00
  • Beef’ish

    Beef’ish is a tasty and full-bodied plant-based broth. It has…

     5,00 25,00
  • Chicken’ish

    Soft and delicate taste from the farm. A clean, organic,…

     5,00 25,00
  • Ocean’ish

    Ocean’ish is suitable in sauces, dressings and for cooking vegetables.…

     5,00 25,00
  • Vegetable

    Clear tones of herbs and tasty vegetables. It is perfect…

     5,00 25,00
  • Kit

    Explore all the Uhhmami flavors and choose your own favorites.…

     40,00 187,50

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