Uhhmami Bouillons & Seasonings: Revolutionising Plant-based Dishes, One Flavour at a Time

This award-winning vegan brand from Copenhagen is proving that plant-based isn’t synonymous with bland and boring.

Calling all plant-based foodies, eco-conscious chefs and anyone in-between (yes, that includes self-confessed carnivores): Uhhmami is on a mission to get society eating greener, not only for their own sake but also to protect our precious planet!

An innovative vegan brand that was launched in Europe last year, its range plant-based range of bouillons and seasonings is designed to elevate classic dishes we all know and love — without causing harm to our furry friends in the process.

The entire range borders on the flavours of animal-derived products, adding the suffix ‘ish’ to distinguish each bouillon and seasoning from the real thing. Harnessing rich and full-bodied flavours that you didn’t think would be possible in a vegan dish, they can be sprinkled into soups, stocks and sauces or on top of any of your culinary creations.

Uhhmami’s products are pioneered by a Michelin star chef.

The concept of Uhhmami was born when food entrepreneur Frank Lantz decided to go vegan. As a former Michelin star chef, he wanted to create innovative yet familiar flavours that matched the taste and quality of some of his signature dishes. He knew it would be a challenge, but his passion to protect the planet was the driving force.

So, with a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of expertise and an immeasurable amount of passion — he cooked up a recipe for success. By deconstructing the components of his former dishes, he discovered the secret ingredient: Uhhmami, a pleasant, savoury taste, described as brothy or meaty, achieved through 100% plant-based ingredients.

Plant-based alternatives are nothing new, but Uhhmami has a fresh (and tasty) approach to the movement.

Bridging the gap between the “fake meat” market and a wholesome plant-based diet, the aim is to add a touch of familiar flavour while keeping the main focus on fresh veggies and unprocessed plant-based ingredients that help boost our overall health.

In other words, these bouillons and seasonings don’t directly replicate meat and dairy products that most of us have grown up with, but rather they depict their rich and tasty umami flavours — reinventing them as new and improved vegan alternatives.

It may not have reached dinner tables far and wide yet, but Uhhmami is making many mouths water in Paris.

Is your mouth watering yet? If you’re not entirely convinced, you might be more inclined to give Uhhmami a try knowing that the brand won first place in the Catering and Food Service Category at the SIAL Paris Innovation festival this year — with thousands of foodie festival-goers deeming their plant-based bouillons and seasonings delicious!

So, if you’re looking to ditch dairy and meat, reduce your carbon footprint and step up your culinary game — get ready to take your tastebuds on an adventure with Uhhmami.

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